Stainless Steel Handrails and Barriers

For stairways, balconies and to safely protect a Change-of-level in any type of building, Multishades is Able to manufacture a very wide variety of custom Designed handrails, balustrades and barriers using Top-quality stainless steel with metal or glass infills Using safety glass to meet international safety codes.

Multishades co. has supplied over then 20,000 Meters of stainless steel handrails and bumper rails for qatar rail project. The Doha Metro stainless steel railing system has been made in a very special custom design shape and a high standard stainless specifications.

More then 35,000 Meters of stainless steel edge trims and reveals in different sections was supplied by Multishades to Qatar Rail stations. This type of stainless steel strips was used as decorative elements in the ceiling and borders between two different finishing materials.

Multishades fabrication team are expert in manufacturing the most complicated custom designed metal items. With this expertise we could supply thousands of square meters of 3D decorative wall panels for Doha Metro stations which is made of stainless steel coated with PVD brass finish.