Aluminum Curtain Wall

For nearly 50 years, glazed aluminum curtainwalls Have provided the most economical and efficient means To create a total, or partial, building envelope for a Vast number of buildings Worldwide. Today, aluminum Curtain walling is universally recognized as cost-effective, Prime element in modern architecture designed to achieve a superb durable, elegant external appearance whilst providing Occupants with optimum daylight and control of solar heatgain; these are some of the typical benefits of aluminum curtain Walling when used with high performance energy-saving glass for Airconditioned buildings in the Gulf Region.

To meet these stringent requirements, Multishades co offer a variety Of high quality systems from Extrusions , Guttmann System and RC-System , Comprising conventional curtain walling (sticksystem) and Structural silicone (fully bonded) curtain wall systems

Aluminum Composite Panels

Smart, crisp appearance, durability, superb insulation And economy: these are some of the great merits of Aluminum composite cladding panels in modern architecture. are specialized in this type of
construction from Fabrication through to installation in all types of building.

Aluminum Solid Cladding

Multishades Facilities and team have the capacity to produce minimum 1200 sqm per day of aluminum solid cladding including cutting and bending and backside reinforcement support welding. Our factory supplied 22,000 sqm for Qatar Rail Project Stations.